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China has become the power behind the aerospace support after 100,080

   Used to launch manned spacecraft Shenzhou the 10th Long March 2 F rocket, as its overall electrical designer is only 31 years old "80" - he called Mu Yu, currently serving as deputy general Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology chief designer, the institute by the father of China's space Qian founded. In 2000, the 18-year-old Yu Mou admitted Beijing Institute of Technology Aircraft Design, 2007 Ph.D. will work in China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. Currently, researchers working in the hospital, the same as Yu Mou about 17,000 young people after 80, accounting for 80% of the total number of researchers.

The Temple One of the design units, the China Academy of Space Technology's overall chief designer Liu Ning is also a "80", 33 years old, he was the general Temple One space laboratory designer. In 2008, Liu Ning mechanics from Tsinghua University Ph.D., recommended by the school after graduation to participate the "Shenzhou" project. All along, the Chinese government encourages universities recommend outstanding graduates to join the ranks of aerospace researcher. At present, the Chinese Academy of Space Technology master's, doctoral researcher in the course 1000, 900 people is "80."

such huge reserves and continuous inflow of young talent, it is China's aerospace industry since 1999, 10 consecutive successful launch of spacecraft secret. These young people are also leading the development of China's future space industry the main force. Chinese Academy of Sciences, ballistic rocket space flight mechanics and design experts Yumeng Lun said: "China is the secret to become space powers continue to import fresh blood and the country's concern and support."

Indeed, 150000 China Aerospace Researchers in the field, 10 million people belong to the "80", the average age of these people 31-33 years of age, compared with their counterparts in the world's major space powers average 15 years younger. It is reported that NASA researchers, the average age was 42 years, while Europe and Japan, researchers older.

In addition, effective management of human spaceflight is China's development is one of the reasons of space powers. In 1956 China Aerospace Aerodynamics Research Institute established as the beginning, as of 2009, China had established 16 Aerospace Research Institute and hundreds of affiliated research institute. In the 21st century, these spacecraft Institute have been two state-owned companies - China Aerospace Science and Technology and China Aerospace Science and Industry Group incorporated. Experts believe that the move is intended to allow it to carry out the two giants of healthy competition, inspire them to learn advanced technology from abroad, and with the international market, and thus open the aerospace products in overseas markets.