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What are the video card? Computer graphics what's the use?

  • Author:hongsun
  • Release on:2016-03-02

What are the video card

  Full name is the Graphic Processing Unit GPU, Chinese translation for "graphics processor." NVIDIA Corporation GeForce 256 graphics processing chip when posted first proposed the concept. GPU video card to reduce the dependence on the CPU, and part of the CPU's work, especially in the 3D graphics processing. GPU core technologies used by hardware T&L (transform and lighting), cubic environment texture and vertex blending, texture compression four-pixel, dual-texture textures and bump mapping, such as 256-bit render engine and hardware T&L technology can be said to be GPU logo. Mainly by both nVidia and ATI GPU production company production.

Video memory

  Memory is short for display memory (similar to the memory on the motherboard). Its main function is to temporarily store display chip to process data and data handling. The stronger performance of the graphics core, need more memory. Previous main video memory is SDR, volume is small. Most video cards on the market is gDDR3 memoryNow latest video card is used the better performanceGDDR4OrGDDR5 memory.

Video cardBIOS

  The video card BIOS (similar to the BIOS of the motherboard) is mainly used for storing graphics chips between the driver and the control procedures, in addition there is a display card models, specifications, information such as the manufacturer and shipped. When you turn on the computer, by displaying the BIOS of a control program, to provide feedback on this information to the screen. Early display of BIOS is cured in ROM, that cannot be changed, while most display cards take the bulk of the EPROM, the so-called Flash BIOS, can be rewritten or upgraded through specialized programs.

Video card PCB Board

  Is the video circuit board (similar to a motherboard PCB Board), which connects other components on the graphics.  Similar boards. Video classification integrated graphics integrated graphics is the display chip, video memory and its associated circuitry on the motherboard, one with the motherboard; integrated video display chip alone, but most of them are integrated in the motherboardThe Northbridge chipSome motherboard integrated video card or separate video memory is installed on the motherboard, but its capacity is small, relatively weak integrated graphics display and processing performance, graphics hardware cannot be upgraded, but CMOS frequency or brush into the new BIOS file to upgrade software to tap the potential of graphics chips.

  Advantages of integrated graphics: is a small low power consumption, heat, some integrated graphics performance has been comparable to the entry-levelDiscrete graphics, So you don't have to spend extra money to buy video card. Integrated video cons: can't get a new video card to say that must change, and only the motherboard, CPU a one-off change.

Discrete graphics

  Video card is the display chip, memory and related circuitry alone on a circuit board, self-contained and exists as a separate Board, it requires expansion slot on the motherboard (ISA, and PCI, AGP orPCI-E)。

  Advantages of video card: video memory are installed separately, generally do not use system memory, and is technically much more advanced integrated graphics, display and an integrated card can get better performance, easier hardware upgrades to the video card.

  Disadvantages of discrete graphics: System power is increased, calorific value is greater than that needed extra funds to buy video card.

PCI interface

  PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) interface from Intel (Intel) company's 1991 defines the local bus standard. This standard allows the computer to install up to 10 PCI standards-compliant expansion card. Earliest under PCI bus operating at 33MHz frequency, bandwidth up to 133MB/s (33MHz * 32bit/s), basically meet the development needs of the processor. As for higher-performance requirements, in 1993 and made a 64bit PCI bus, and later proposed to upgrade the PCI bus frequency to 66MHz. Rate only after 266MB/S,1998 years of PCI interface is AGP interface instead. But there's a new video card to the PCI interface launched, because some server boards did not provide AGP or PCI-e interface, or you need to set up multiple-screen output, optional PCI video card is still the most cost-effective way.

AGP interface

  AGP (Accelerate Graphical Port to accelerate image processing port) interface is a video interface standard developed by Intel company, was developed in order to address the low bandwidth of PCI bus interface technology. Connect it through the system main memory and graphics card, directly opens up between the CPU and graphics processor faster bus speeds. Its development through AGP1.0 (AGP1X/2X), AGP2.0 (AGP4X) AGP3.0 (AGP8X). Latest AGP8X its theoretical bandwidth is 2.1Gbit/seconds. By 2009, has been replaced by PCI-e interface (2006 most of the manufacturers have stopped production).

PCI Express interface

  PCI Express (PCI-e for short) is a new generation of bus interface, and using this type of interface graphics products, was launched already in 2004. As early as the spring of 2001 "Intel Developer Forum", the company proposes to use a new generation of Intel technology replacing PCI bus and a variety of chip internal connections, and referred to as third generation I/OBus technology。 Then at the end of 2001, including Intel, AMD, DELL, IBM more than 20, a number of industry-leading companies to begin drafting new technology standard, and was completed in 2002, its official name for PCI Express.

What type of video card

  Summary says the video card is to control output of the computer image, everybody liked and linked to video, in fact, video picture combination, by Fiona showing multiple pictures in a row into a video, so professional that the video card was the graphics adapter, you need to know video and computer display screen has a lot to do.

  Professional said that the graphics card also known as a video card, video adapter, graphics card, graphics adapter, and display adapters, and so on. It is connected between the host computer from the monitors of "bridge" role is to control the computer's graphics output, and takes care of CPU send image data into the monitor to know the format, and then sent to form images on the monitor. Video is mainly composed of display chip (graphics processing chip GraphicProcessingUnit), memory, digital to analog converter (RAMDAC), VGABIOS, all interfaces of several parts.

  Graphics by structure can be divided into 2 categories, is what we often call the discrete graphics and integrated graphics in 2 categories. Video card is the display chip, memory and related circuitry alone on a circuit board, self-contained and exists as a separate Board, it requires expansion slots on the motherboard. Discrete graphics divided by interface type ISA video cards, PCI video card, AGP video card, PCI-e video card, ISA video cards, PCI video card has been eliminated, AGP video cards also face elimination, video card PCI-e graphics card is now popular, its interface is by far the fastest transmission speed. Integrated graphics aspects, integrated graphics is will displayed chip, and memory and related circuit are do in Board Shang, and Board thaw for one; integrated graphics of displayed chip has separate of, but now most are integrated in Board of Northbridge chip in the; some Board integrated of graphics also in Board Shang separate installation has memory, but its capacity smaller, currently most of integrated graphics are not has separate of memory, needed using system memory to acts as a memory, its using volume by system automatically regulation; integrated graphics of displayed effect and performance poor, Video hardware cannot be upgraded; its advantage is the reduction in the power consumption of the system and don't have to spend extra money to buy video card.

  Due to independent graphics has himself of module, including himself of cache, and slightly good points of independent graphics are has thermal fan, so from we has can see independent graphics in technology Shang also more integrated graphics advanced have more, than integrated graphics can get better of displayed effect and performance, easy for graphics of hardware upgrade; its shortcomings is system power has increased, heat also larger, compared for on configuration displayed performance strong of game user selection, and integrated graphics main for on computer performance requirements not high, General Internet, Users choose to play simple games.

Computer graphics can do

  Many novice friends often said computer in no graphics, actually is refers to didn't separate selection independent graphics, but Board in the at least has integrated of graphics, here edit of mean is computer in the cannot no graphics, reasons is computer if even graphics adapter are no and how can displayed picture does? so most friends said of integration configuration is didn't separate selection independent graphics, but selection has Board Shang of integrated graphics.

Do all motherboard integrated video card

  Not all motherboards have integrated graphics, the specific needs of Board parameters

Computer motherboard has integrated graphics can use discrete graphics, please

  When integration platform computer does not meet the game requirements, when you can add a video card upgrade performance, computer performance will be greatly enhanced.