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Themselves a way out? Why DIY manufacturers are betting on Mini PC

  • Author:HONGSUN
  • Release on:2016-03-02

Read the title believe what a friend will say, bad-mouthed throughout the PC industry's case,DIYYearly decline in market demand for the Board under the momentum, the card manufacturer if you do not find a new point of interest, the only result. Why in early 2015 Sotec, BIOSTAR two Mini PC manufacturers would choose to publish the new product to the market concerned, why the silence 4, 5 years of mini computer (living room) product line will again be manufacturer's rush and whyDIYManufacturers unveil a new Mini PC is in 2000 priced models, rather than the pursuit of perfection of performance/appearance?

   If the living room 4, 5 years ago, still meet with TV connection HD video playback, smooth playing games and so on home entertainment orientation, now a TV box 300 can be very good implementation, the same technological threshold is not high, not low-margin TV box why not become the new darling of DIY manufacturers? Analysis of the friends have the same doubts with us.

 A set of data before analysis: "in 2012, the PC motherboard shipments of about 80 million worldwide in 2013 and 75 million for 2014 is about 71 million pieces, Board global shipments has for the third consecutive year, but annual declines of about 5%. "Refer to data on the DIY channel edit an article, in recent years the impact of mobile devices, declining demand in the DIY market, so Board makers it is imperative to seek a way out. DIY Mini PC manufacturers in the new injection of how cheats, betting to its body:

Products form breakthrough improvements:

 If you remember about 2010 Mini PC products, should have impressions about its appearance, slim volume, such as Lenovo Q180, basically a slightly thicker books, and can be set to bedroom, ultra portable is a description of the most common words. And reference to innovation, when should this indeed is the mini master and monitor connections on the back.

As the promotion of technology innovation, user need, today's Mini PC not only broke through the rectangular shape already has spheroidal optional, and once again surprise on the overall volume, such as Mini PC Intel produced the NUC only 4-inch fuselage, to turn it into the Pocket without pressure.

   Imagine carrying in his pocket aMobile phoneYudu display + mouse and Mini PC to go back home and work between the Office, important data can be carried, fun with the family playing a game of demands be met; is not quite to.

Graphics performance enhancements-game performance:

   Undeniable is the performance bottleneck of the Mini PC is the video card, the vast majority of Mini-PC is using integrated video, meet play full HD video, on a small single game is fairly smooth, but want to play cool down large game is hard for many. This mini PC is not wrong, since the product positioning small and portable nature will sacrifice performance due to heat element.

Blink of an eye by the year 2015, with the development of science and technology Intel HD 5000 core graphics card also has a good performance, even in the face of low quality LOL can play. In addition, Mini-PC embedded single models also have launched or even inline GTX 860M, hardware performance under the guarantee users form a quadruple screen is also very easy.

 After all, DIY vendors sold Mini PC not TV box, so users to expect much more than playing a single game, to play mainstream games is fundamental demand.

Uses of expansion:

   As already mentioned above, now a four-screen Mini PC can be set up so its use is not far to stay in the living room level. Out of the living room that is out of the household category such as restaurants promotional screen console, monitor indoor and outdoor storage equipment, hotel rooms and computers are useless. In addition individuals such as financial and investment analysts, Mini PC with ultra portable size and relatively good value for money also have a certain competitiveness.

   With the innovation of upstream chip manufacturers, we have reason to believe that today's Mini-PC can solve the user 70% above work and entertainment needs, so more expansion but the absence of our imagination. Mini PC manufacturers also believes that an earlier step tells us where more use it in.

   As previously mentioned, DIY Mini PC manufacturers to product positioning is in performance and find a balance between volume, rather than launch hardware performance, here to talk about their strategies.

Product pricing, less than 2000 Yuan majority concentrated in the 1500, it's looked like a Thai Mini PC, Sotec level DIY vendors for its mainstream models give a range. From the Mini PC environment, 3500 Yuan price has beenAppleMac miniMonopoly, although the criticism is the generation of Mac mini more prominent than a generation, but flowing with apples that are but it's blood, other manufacturer's products are far more cost-effective than Mac mini, but if priced at 3500 stall can be inferred to be digging its own grave consequences.

Since price cannot above Apple of Mac mini, that hardware performance Shang whether can top, answers is denied of, because Mini PC market in the also has traditional machine manufacturers products of competition, and like focused game Mini PC of Alienware X51, ASUS of players country G20 series in hardware performance, and more with dynamic domineering appearance degree Shang are is undoubtedly of, and from reputation Shang told, face high had 6000 Yuan above of Mini PC, Trusted users are also more Alienware, players land the brand/quality assurance.

   Therefore 1500 or even thousand-Yuan price and balance Mini PC performance, is the DIY competitive market space, and we were delighted to see is the site of both models tested fall into this position.


   As the mobile chip performance continues to improve, APP content richness, spectacular changes, much of the debris has been occupied with mobile phones, tablet devices, has gradually played down the demand for PC hardware performance. Such circumstances, as DIY firm seeks a way out is quite the right choice, a general review of related product lines, notebook/whole market seems to have been several traditional manufacturers are divided, and notebook areas competition is brutal. Compared with one PC, Mini PC line without having to see the LCD manufacturers face, not to the standard mouse and making it cheaper, these are believed to be DIY Mini PC makers fell in love with the key.

   Of course, regardless of which are indispensable in the field referred to in the above competition, how to properly interpret the demands of users, expand the use of new usage scenario is a difficult problem left to DIY vendors, perhaps time to bite the DIY manufacturers ' Association has launched a new product line, let us wait and see.