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Perhaps the prospects of the Mini PC host spring will be resolved

  • Author:hongsun
  • Release on:2016-03-02
Apple has finally updated in a game dominated by iPad release haven't ownedMac mini, As its one of the few Apple Desktop host, Mac mini has been out before updating rumors, whether consumers or the media to its updated look forward to, Mac Mini is the most typical of the Mini-PC, Apple's Mini PC updates mean that will be the new hot spot in the PC market?

Characteristics of the Mini PC

  Are most concerned about when we are talking about Mini-PC may not be "PC" property, the "mini" two words is more important. With today's technology, a simple pursuit of PC performance for manufacturers is a thing without any challenge, such as Alienware Area-51, we can talk about it to any of the other vendors as long as costs can easily be done minutes, will host a small contrast.

  Hosts can be compounded by the performance hardware, mini host needs to think like a notebook how to strike a good balance point, single point of breakthrough products than balancing products much easier.

Mini PC is characterized by small size, Enough mini, Mini PC products to the most extreme Intel NUC, for example, just slap the size of the fuselage can be placed in any corner of the room. Its position is similar to the HTPC, or home theater PC, you can put it in the living roomTelevisionOr connect the projector, audio and video files can be played via the Internet or the hard drive. Perhaps some people may ask, smart TV can now implement these features, what's unique about the it?

  It is still unique, itYou can install the full Windows operating system, Other than the compact, it with normal Windows hosts without any difference in experience, we use a Windows host functionality that you implement in the Mini-PC can be easily reached, those smart TV can?

Mini PC use and configuration

  Performance, if you want to use the Mini PC to play the game, which I'm afraid will disappoint you, most of the mini-hosts cannot win this task, manufacturers need to be as small as possible while ensuring the ability of the host, so the high specification mini host hardware is unlikely to go into space is limited.

But there are exceptions, Alenware X51 can be seen as a machine on the premise guarantees a compact and achieve high performance Mini PC, which uses a standard Intel Desktop duoProcessorMaximum matchingi7-4790,16GB memory 2TB hard drives, video cards top can choose the GTX is equipped with a 2GB memory 760Ti.Its measurements are 34.3x31.9x9.5 cm, with Sony's PS3.Strict sense of the term,Alenware X51 not mini host, but its volume than the same configuration the machine a lot smaller.

Personally think that mini-hosts the largest field of use for business, its characteristics fit the market. Small fuselage can be placed directly into the back of the monitor or anyone else in an obscure corner, and save Office space, Government and enterprise users, most people do not need high hardware performance, as long as enough memory, the processor can meet the right amount of multitasking, performance sufficient for Photoshop graphics processing on the basis of category is sufficient.

  Mini standard configuration of the host is not it? Quad-core processor choices from a low-end Celeron to the high end of lowi7Everything, core graphics based graphics applications have no problem, memory is generally a standard notebook memory, most of the products can upgrade themselves, may have a product comes standard with a small-capacity solid-state drive storage space is not large enough, but users can use the mobile hard disk to expand the storage space.

  Final note is cost, with no accessories such as monitors and keyboards, Mini PC prices is much lower than the same configuration of the laptop or PC products such as machine, certain brands of Mini PC prices even more so than DIY users configure host also cheap at the same level.


  Not out accident words, 2016 will is Mini PC market fast growth of a years, flat computer and intelligent phone even intelligent TV of fast development further reduced has people on traditional PC products of rely on, cheap small humble of Mini PC just good can meet general consumers of using needs, empty down of budget can used to purchase a more big of display or other peripherals accessories, if wants to maximum degree save installed cost, TV screen also be a good of display, And placed in the living room of the Mini PC that suits the temperament. ■