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Parameters of the computer video card

  • Author:HONGSUN
  • Release on:2016-03-08
Kayou/judging a poor argument very much in need of attention, need to focus on parameters such as: graphics card version, memory, memory bandwidth, processor, etc.
   Memory, does not mean that it is not concerned, just remember that is 512M, 1G, 2G, the numbers on the line, it does not deal with data, but data is stored, smaller games 512M enough, big game 1G, design rendering 2G. A lot of graphics card such as GT520 empty 2G memory, actually worse than GT430 512M, many do not understand is how people were deceived.
   Video version (chip), this is very easy to understand, more lower performance the more poor, more natural, the better, but this is just a vague concept, determine good (chip) versions, depending on the grade. Buy AMD graphics cards, video cards now are HD6xxx and HD7xxx, for example: HD6770, HD6790, HD6850 and HD6950 and HD6970, HD6990, D7750, HD7770, HD7870, HD7890, HD7850, HD7970, HD7980, HD7990, and so on. Main GT NVIDIA graphics version normal version, GTS GT upgrade version, GTX enhanced version, GTX_Ti enhanced high-speed version, and so on, for example: GT610, GT620, GT630, GT640 GTS450 GTX460, GTX470, GTX480, GTX550Ti, and GTX560SE, and GT560Ti, GT570, GT580, GT590, GTX650, GTX660, GTX660Ti, GTX670, GTX680, GTX690, and so on. Besides laptop dedicated graphics card in the back of the m. Decide a video card is the most critical factor is the bottom 2, and two levels determines the level of graphics.
   Memory bandwidth is the most critical, it directly determines the processing speed of the video card, "memory" and "video memory bandwidth" is like "capacity of the pool" and "water inlet/outlet valves of the pool of" capacity of the pool again, and as long as the valve moves very little, the water flow is still very small. Unit time dealing with how much data is determined by the memory bandwidth, which is a measure of a display kayou/deviation of parameters. Bottom of the 64bit, low 128bit, moderate 192bit, 256bit of middle-grade or above.
   Stream processor's job is to handle the data transmitted by the CPU, and processed into digital signal of the monitor can be identified, it also plays a decisive role for graphics performance, says video card in addition to the core part of the high school are different, the main difference is that the number of stream processors. 1 NVIDIA SP unit is equivalent to 4 AMD SP unit. Graphics are generally now DDR5, DDR3 is used to hold the, similar parameters of two graphics cards, DDR5 speed a lot quicker. So select desktop graphics cards, usually determine how much video memory, 1G or 2G? On that basis and then, watch video memory bandwidth, the number of stream processors, these two numbers are higher on behalf of better performance, then your psychological price, and choose the best video card on the line. Certainly also to reference about brand, factors of, hehe and notebook except to consider performance parameter yiwai, for power and thermal is is important of, blindly of upgrade performance, and ignored has power consumption, and heat, that this notebook soon on will claims off of, this to understanding about, on like notebook i5 CPU, only is 2 nuclear 4 thread, desktop of i5 CPU does is 4 nuclear 4 thread, to power and thermal had to castration performance