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Mini computer

  • Author:HONGSUN
  • Release on:2016-02-25
Small form factor and more convenient to carry, out to save space and is more convenient to use.
Imagine the full functionality of traditional desktop computers into chic compact box, and its size is only a book size. Can be installed completely openWindows operating systemAnd all kinds of software, games, depends on the personal preference of the user custom. Such a powerful new generation of household hosts, this is the ASUS Mini PC


Intel strongly advocated NUC (Next Unit of Computing) platform concept, market the brand "mini computer" gradually more up. Usually as a family the second, or even third computer hosts, mini computer more carries the heavy responsibility of family Internet entertaining terminals. Compared with traditional desktop host, Mini HTPC concept after the visualization computer evolution version, it is not only the integration of higher operational performance stronger and have a more compact overall dimensions

Development trends

With the rapid development of the Internet, TV is no longer just a tool to watch TV shows, by connecting HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer), a dedicated computer, so television has more human-machine interactive function. Nowadays many of the family's living room TV screen has become a family staple of leisure activities, families can play TV interactive, watch movies and even sing karaoke OK. 
As TV box by SARFT's strict "block" and this year's "mini computer" concept all the more warming, now have more and more users will be mini computers as part II of the family, or even third computer hosts matches as the exclusive Internet entertainment to the living room TV terminals. Compared with traditional desktop host, Mini HTPC computer visualization of the evolution version, it is not only the integration of higher operational performance stronger, also has a more compact overall dimensions.
With television boxes on the market compare with mini computer, which defect is obvious, because their system does not have open, feature relatively simple, for video-on-demand function is not suitable for outside entertainment. And to lead into mini computers ASUS product, for example, this issue has greatly improved the TV box. As its name implies, is also a mini box-like figure, ASUS Mini PC with a "computer" properties. Completely open the Windows operating system, software, games, depends on the personal preference of the user custom.
Not out accident words, 2015 will is Mini PC market fast growth of a years, flat computer and intelligent phone even intelligent TV of fast development further reduced has people on traditional PC products of rely on, cheap small humble of Mini PC just good can meet general consumers of using needs, empty down of budget can used to purchase a more big of display or other peripherals accessories, if wants to maximum degree save installed cost, TV screen also be a good of display, And placed in the living room of the Mini PC that suits the temperament.

Uses role

Undeniable is the performance bottleneck of the Mini PC is the video card, the vast majority of Mini-PC is using integrated video, meet play full HD video, on a small single game is fairly smooth, but want to play cool down large game is hard for many. This mini PC is not wrong, since the product positioning small and portable nature will sacrifice performance due to heat element.
Blink of an eye by the year 2015, with the development of science and technology Intel HD 5000 core graphics card also has a good performance, even in the face of low quality LOL can play. In addition, Mini-PC embedded single models also have launched or even inline GTX 860M, hardware performance under the guarantee users form a quadruple screen is also very easy.
Now a four-screen Mini PC can be set up so its use is not far to stay in the living room level. Out of the living room that is out of the household category such as restaurants promotional screen console, monitor indoor and outdoor storage equipment, hotel rooms and computers are useless. In addition individuals such as financial and investment analysts, Mini PC with ultra portable size and relatively good value for money also have a certain competitiveness. 
With the innovation of upstream chip manufacturers, we have reason to believe that today's Mini-PC can solve the user 70% above work and entertainment needs, so more expansion but the absence of our imagination. Mini PC manufacturers also believes that an earlier step tells us where more use it in