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How to troubleshoot video card video corruption problems

  • Author:HONGSUN
  • Release on:2016-03-07
Under normal circumstances, corrupt video symptoms possible causes are as follows:Video memoryInternal physical damage, videoBIOSProblem videoOverclocking; PCB Board with component connection is bad. After the above ideas, you can proceed to the troubleshooting.

First for memory of check, carefully observation, and detection four block memory chip and the peripheral components, no found virtual welding and damaged features (as burst, and color, and off welding, and short-circuit,); again will graphics BIOS refresh for normal of public version BIOS, then loaded good graphics for test, until fault occurred Shi, with hand touch graphics Shang of all main chip, and no found chip temperature increased of phenomenon. This excludes the possibility of a problem with the video card BIOS and memory corruption. Video card does not have any overclocking jumper on the PCB Board, after inspection found no overclocking graphics, excludes the possibility of GPU overclocking failure.

  May be the video card PCB boards with a component connection is bad. On graphics may produced large heat of components for observation and measurement, in detection to main chip SiS6326 Shi, found chip left script (are on chip) has two root pins and PCB Board contact bad, gently to broke has about PCB Board, heard minor of "PA" a sound, again observation SiS6326 chip, found this location and has 9 root pins and PCB Board off welding, a total 11 root, other of pins welding normal, this should is produced fault of reasons has.

Knowing failure reasons, much easier to handle. With a grounded tip 25W heat soldering iron, bring grounding ring finger after the repair. Use Rosin alcohol solution and gently take off pins and PCB Board welding and unsoldering pin welding, put the video back computer testing, long-running no video corruption occurs, troubleshooting.